Aluminum Copper Radiator Scrap

Aluminum Copper Radiator Scrap

Aluminum Copper Radiator Scrap

We supply Aluminum Copper Radiator Scrap in bulk, With a monthly capacity of 900 tons and above . Aluminum Radiator Scrap consists of unalloyed copper tubing surrounded by aluminum cooling fins. Aluminum Copper Radiator are generally derived from heat exchange radiators. It also consists of clean aluminum and copper radiators that are free of brass tubing, iron and other foreign contamination. Different aluminum scrap and copper scraps available in our stock.

Aluminum Copper Radiator Scrap price

The price actually depends on the supplier as every supplier has their individual price. The price can vary between $400 to $900 depending on where you buy from, At vitameta limited we offer best price depending on your order quantity.

Other Aluminum scraps

UBC, alloy wheels, Sheet aluminum is widely used in objects all around us, so it’s hard to specify one thing that it comes from. Some examples of sheet aluminum include the bodies of some vehicles, license plates, parts of cookware, and more. If you’re done using something that has sheet metal in it, it could be worth separating and bringing to your local scrap yard to recycle.

One of the most common sources of aluminum is aluminum cans. These cans that once held your soda, beer, and even food are all recyclable. Before bringing them to a scrapyard, be sure to rinse them clean and crush them if you’re able to. 

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