PP Jumbo Bags Scrap For Sale

Buy PP Jumbo Bags Scrap from vitameta in bulk with fast shipping service after order, We are a reliable supplier with over a decade of experience in the supply of various plastic scraps and reusable PP bags.

What is PP Jumbo Bags Scrap?

PP Jumbo Bags, also known as Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBCs) or bulk bags, are widely used for transporting and storing various materials. Jumbo Bags Scrap refers to the discarded or surplus bags that have fulfilled their primary purpose and are now part of the plastic waste stream. Recognizing the value in recycling these bags, the industry has embraced innovative processes to transform them into reusable raw materials.

Applications Across Industries:

The versatility of PP Bags Scrap extends to its applications across diverse industries. In agriculture, recycled PP pellets derived from these bags can be used to manufacture new bags, ensuring a sustainable and cyclical approach to packaging. The construction industry benefits from recycled PP in the creation of durable materials, while the automotive sector incorporates it into components, reducing dependence on virgin plastics.

PP Jumbo Bags Scrap packaging
PP Jumbo Bags Scrap for sale
PP Jumbo Bags Scrap


AA Grade PP Bags Scrap

Place of Origin

Lithuania/ EUROPE


Polypropylene (Non-Woven)


White and Mix color and Printed


Jumbo Bag, Packaging




Post Industrial Waste


Clean and less than 3% shortage



Vitameta UAB loading and shipping clients orders by requesting the clients preferred and accepted packaging before proceeding, This is done either in 20ft or forty foot containers