PP Jumbo bag packaging

PP Jumbo Bags Scrap

We offer PP Jumbo Bags Scrap on regular basis and at very good price. Our super sacks scraps are widely shipped across the globe. We are able to ship 1000 tons on a monthly basis . We assure best quality as we always make sure our PP Jumbo bags scrap are clean, dry and free from foreign materials. Loading and shipping will be done according to clients order. 22 tons loaded in container. You only get the best quality from us because we make sure the bags are clean and free from oil stains or other liquids or materials. What is pp jumbo bags

Super sacks scrap price:

Prices ranges between $200 to $350 per ton depend on the country and individual supplier. Vitameta Ltd offers best price for bulk orders

PP jumbo bags scraps hs code

The HS code us for jumbo bags is HS 6305 , this code is mostly required buy customs at destination countries.

Jumbo bags scrap packaging

We pack,load and ship our PP jumbo bags scrap in different styles depending on the clients requirements.
most client want it baled in 100kg per bale and loaded in 40 ft container. Our clients are welcome to request their desired packaging and loading. A 40 feet container can contain 20 tons compressed bales , a container can contain more or less depending on the person loading or also the client which sometimes require pallets

PP Jumbo bag scrap
PP Jumbo bag packaging
single PP Jumbo bag scrap
PP Jumbo bag shipping

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