Aluminum Alloy wheel scrap

Alloy Wheel Scrap

We are a major Supplier of Aluminum Alloy Wheel Scrap with a capacity of over 1000 tons monthly quantity available. Our Aluminum Wheel Scrap for sale is free from all unwanted materials and meets the international standards. Non radioactivity and corrosion resistant are some of the main attributes of our Scrap Aluminum Alloy Wheel . We can provide Aluminum Wheel Scrap in both loose and packed in containers. We have the best cheap Aluminum Wheel Scrap.

scrap Alloy Wheel Price:

scrap Aluminum alloy wheel price depends on the individual supplier but it shout be within the the range $450-$700.

Aluminum Alloy wheel scrap pictures

Aluminum Alloy wheel scrap
Alloy wheel scrap
Packing alloy wheel scrap
clean scrap Alloy wheel

Buy aluminum alloy scrap from us with the best price and also get the best quality you will find no where because we take our time to specially select the scrap to make sure it meets clients standards. 


aluminum Alloy wheel loading and shipping:

Loading Scraps allow wheel scraps is sometime difficult because it needs special skills to load the container to its maximum capacity . It also depends on the clients requirements. We load 22tons – 25tons per container.

What are Scraps alloy wheels ?

Scrap Alloy wheels part of a vehicles wheels. High-performance vehicles require lightweight alloys to improve responsiveness at the wheel and improve safety levels for drivers and other road users.

The combination of aluminium and magnesium creates alloy wheels that are not only safer, but more aesthetically pleasing. The blend of these two metals also offers greater durability and resistance to corrosion over time.

Why recycle your alloy wheels with ASM?

Aluminium comes from a raw mined ore called bauxite. It takes a lot of energy to extract pure aluminium from the ore, using high temperatures and energy-consuming mining operations. Recycling takes just 5% of the energy it does to get aluminium from bauxite. Alloy wheels contain a significant amount of aluminium, meaning it’s important to consider recycling your alloy wheels.