Millberry Copper Wire Scrap For Sale

Millberry Copper Wire Scrap holds a unique position in the realm of recycled metals, embodying the essence of sustainability and circular economy principles. Buy Millberry Copper Wire Scrap, exploring its characteristics, recycling processes.

What Is Millberry Copper Wire Scrap?
Millberry Copper Scrap refers to clean, unalloyed, and uncoated copper wire that is free of impurities, insulation, and other contaminants. The term “Millberry” is derived from the milling process used to produce the wire, resulting in its smooth and shiny surface. This type of copper scrap is highly sought after for its purity, making it a valuable resource in various industries.

Characteristics of Millberry Copper Wire Scrap:

  1. High Purity: Millberry Copper Wire is renowned for its high purity, often reaching levels of 99.9% copper content. This purity is crucial for applications where copper conductivity is paramount.

  2. No Insulation or Coating: Unlike other copper scrap types, Millberry Wire Scrap is devoid of insulation or any coating, ensuring a clean and efficient recycling process.

  3. Shiny Appearance: The milling process imparts a shiny and smooth surface to the wire, enhancing its aesthetic appeal and making it easily distinguishable.

Recycling Journey of Millberry Copper Wire Scrap:

The recycling process of Millberry Copper Scrap involves several key steps, each contributing to the efficient extraction of copper for reuse:

  1. Collection: Copper Wire Scrap is collected from various sources, including electrical wiring, telecommunications cables, and electronic components.

  2. Sorting: The collected scrap undergoes meticulous sorting to separate it from other materials. This step is crucial for ensuring the purity of the recycled copper.

  3. Shredding: The sorted Copper Wire Scrap is then shredded into smaller pieces, facilitating the subsequent stages of the recycling process.

  4. Melting: The shredded copper is melted at high temperatures, resulting in molten copper that can be cast into various forms for further use.

  5. Casting: The molten copper is cast into ingots, rods, or other shapes, creating a versatile and usable form of recycled copper.

5 Applications of Recycled Millberry Copper Wire:
The versatility of Millberry Copper Scrap extends across a wide range of applications, contributing to sustainable practices in various industries:

  1. Electrical Wiring: Recycled Millberry Copper Wire is a preferred choice for manufacturing electrical cables and wiring due to its high conductivity and purity.

  2. Electronics Manufacturing: The electronics industry relies on the superior conductivity of Millberry Copper Wire for producing components such as circuit boards and connectors.

  3. Renewable Energy Systems: Millberry Copper Wire plays a crucial role in renewable energy systems, where efficient electrical conductivity is paramount for solar panels, wind turbines, and energy storage systems.

  4. Construction: The construction sector benefits from Millberry Copper Wire in applications such as plumbing, heating systems, and architectural elements.

  5. Art and Craft: The shiny and malleable nature of Millberry Copper Wire makes it a popular choice for artistic endeavors and crafts.

Millberry Copper Wire Scrap specifications
Millberry Copper Wire Scrap
Millberry Copper Wire Scrap for sale

Specifications Of Millberry Copper Wire Scrap:


Chemical Composition (%):

Copper Scrap

Cu: ≥Bi:≤Sb:≤As:≤Fe:≤Ni:≤Pb:≤Sn:≤S:≤O:≤Zn:≤P:≤

CONTENT: 99.80– 99.99%
DIAMETER: 0.25MM TO 0.5MM , 0.5MM TO 0.9MM , 1MM TO 2MM
CARBON: 0.03%
COBLET: <0.001
IRON: 0.005%
SULPHUR: <0, 01%
ZINC: 0.003%

We load, pack and deliver most of our Millberry Copper Wire Scrap based on clients requirements as different clients have their own standards, Our Copper Scrap is packed on pallets of 50kg to 100kg or directly loaded without pallets each weighing 50kg to 100kg and loaded in container.