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Copper, a versatile and essential metal, holds a special place in the recycling industry. Buy Copper Scrap, shedding light on its properties, recycling process.

What Is Copper Scrap:
Copper Scrap refers to discarded copper items or materials that have reached the end of their life cycle. These can range from electrical wires, pipes, and machinery to electronic components. The recycling of Copper Scrap involves collecting, processing, and reusing copper to create new products, reducing the need for mining and refining virgin copper.

Properties of Copper:
Copper is revered for its exceptional properties. It is an excellent conductor of electricity, boasts high thermal conductivity, is corrosion-resistant, and exhibits antimicrobial properties. These qualities make copper an indispensable material in various industries, including construction, electronics, transportation, and healthcare. When recycled, these properties remain intact, making Copper Scrap a valuable resource.

Recycling Process:
The journey of Copper Scrap begins with collection from various sources. Once collected, the scrap undergoes a multi-step recycling process. This typically involves sorting, shredding, and melting. The sorted scrap is shredded into smaller pieces, and the molten copper is then cast into ingots or other forms for further use. The recycling process is energy-efficient, requiring significantly less energy than extracting copper from ore.

Copper Scrap
Copper Scrap Specifications
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Specifications Of Copper Scrap:


Chemical Composition (%):

Copper Scraps

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We load, pack and deliver most of our Copper Scrap based on clients requirements as different
clients have their own standards, Our Copper wire Scraps is packed on pallets of 50kg to 100kg or directly
loaded without pallets each weighing 50kg to 100kg and loaded in container.