Float Glass Scrap For Sale

We supply float glass scrap in bulk with a monthly quantity of about 5000 tons. As a general rule, flat glass cullet comes from two areas. Cullet from production is created at the cold end of the manufacturing process, on cutting or pre-stressing systems, for instance. The processor can almost add this cullet directly to the flat glass producer again, as it is very similar to the original flat glass. Once coatings, lamination or other functions have been applied, this is no longer as simple.

It becomes more difficult still with building elements, the second area from which flat glass cutlet typically originates. Flat glass from the automotive industry, façade glass or window elements are placing increasingly high demands on recycling companies. Laminate glasses contain a huge variety of materials, ranging from PVB foils and liquid crystal layers all the way up to metals. We also supply glass bottle scraps , green glass bottle scrap, transparent glass scrap , mixed glass scrap.

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Float glass scrap price

There are many suppliers with each with their separate prices so it actually depends on where you buy from. Glass cullet price can vary between $70 and $140 per ton depending on the individual supplier.

Flat Glass scrap

Due to its demanding nature, float glass can only be made from float glass, even though it can be used to produce any other type of glass objects. The drawing on the right illustrates the recycling possibilities of cullet.
As an example, it is possible to make hollow glass or glass-wool from hollow
glass cullet. However, such a type of cullet cannot be reintegrated in the float glass industry because it doesn’t meet the color, purity and quality standards of this type of glass

Float Glass Scrap
Float Glass Scrap Packaging
Float Glass Scrap For Sale

We load, pack and ship most of our float glass scraps based on clients requirements as different clients have their own standards, Our glass cullet  is packed on pallets of 250kg