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EPS Ingot

What are EPS ingots? EPS ingots are materials which are melted by a kind of machine which is called densifier. The loose EPS is of bulky volume and the densifier can reduce the volume of the shaped EPS materials and turn the loose EPS into ingots.
EPS ingot also called Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) is a lightweight cellular plastic material consisting of small hollow spherical balls. It is this closed cellular construction that gives EPS its remarkable characteristics.
EPS is produced in a wide range of densities providing a varying range of physical properties. These are matched to the various applications where the material is used to optimize its performance and strength. It widely used in the building and construction industry and it is also used in packaging applications. Due to this situation, the number of the waste EPS is relatively large. So the disposing problem is also bothering for many people. Shipping with maersk maritime shipping company

EPS ingot price:

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What is EPS material?

EPS is a rigid, closed cell, thermoplastic foam material which is produced from solid beads of polystyrene. Expansion is achieved by virtue of small amounts of gas contained within the polystyrene bead. The gas expands when heat in the form of steam is applied, thus forming closed cells of EPS.

What is EPS resin?

EXPANDABLE POLYSTYRENE (EPS) are produced in the form of very small beads. The beads contain a blowing agent which allows our customers to expand the resins and then mold various forms of insulation or packaging parts . GYC expandable polystyrene offers versatility of usefulness over a wide application range.

Is EPS fire resistant?

EPS is flammable, as is the case with so many other building materials. However, this is only relevant if you assess EPS as an exposed insulating material.

EPS ingot
EPS ingot 10kg
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