Waste PU Foam Scrap For Sale

In the realm of recycling, PU Foam Scrap takes center stage as a versatile and valuable material contributing to the ethos of sustainability. Buy PU Foam Scrap, the intricacies of the recycling process, applications across industries.

What Is PU Foam Scrap?
PU Foam Scrap represents discarded polyurethane foam, a common material used in various industries for its resilience, flexibility, and insulating properties. As this foam reaches the end of its initial use, it transforms into a resource-rich material for recycling, embodying the principles of the circular economy.

Characteristics of PU Foam Scrap:
Foam Scrap retains the properties that make polyurethane foam desirable, including its lightweight nature, cushioning capabilities, and thermal insulation. The recycling process harnesses these characteristics, transforming used foam into scrap that serves as a valuable raw material for diverse applications.

Recycling Process:
The journey of rebound Foam Scrap from waste to resource begins with collection and transportation to recycling facilities. Once at these facilities, the foam undergoes a meticulous process involving shredding, granulating, and reprocessing. This process separates contaminants, such as fabric or metal, and transforms the foam into scrap ready for reincorporation into manufacturing.

Applications of PU Foam Scrap:
The versatility of PU Foam Scrap extends across multiple industries. In the automotive sector, recycled foam contributes to the production of car seats, headrests, and insulation. The furniture industry utilizes recycled foam in the creation of cushions and padding. Additionally, construction, packaging, and various consumer goods benefit from the application of recycled PU foam.

PU foam scrap Specifications
PU Foam Scrap Packaging

Specifications Of PU Foam Scrap :
Rebound Foam Scrap: AA grade PU foam scrap bales
Preferred density range : 15 to 25 kg/m3
Clean & dry unused off-cuts: 100%
PU foam scrap color: mixed colors or clients preferred
scrap Foam Skins: none present
Re-bonded Foam: none present
Bare Skins: none present
Ester-type Foam: none Present
Hydrophilic Foam: none Present
Laminated Fabric / FoamS: none present
Laminated vinyl / Pvc : none present
Reticulated Foam: none present
Visco-elastic Foam: none present
Foreign Matter/ Contamination: none
Factory Sweepings: none present
Bale weight: 100 to 250kgs

We load, pack and deliver most of our PU Foam Scrap based on clients requirements as
different clients have their own standards, Our Foam Scrap is packed on pallets of 50kg to 100kg or directly loaded without pallets.

Waste PU Foam Price

At vitameta, we regularly supply bulk waste pu foam scrap to our various clients at very affordable price based on your required quantity.
The price of PU foam scrap price ranges between 200$ and 400$ depending on your source, so it is also important to check from different sources to get the best offer