PMMA Acrylic Scrap For Sale

In the dynamic landscape of recycling, PMMA Acrylic Scrap takes center stage as a sustainable alternative, offering a multitude of possibilities for repurposing and reducing environmental impact. This comprehensive article delves into the characteristics of PMMA Scrap, its recycling journey and applications

What Is PMMA Acrylic Scrap?

PMMA, or polymethyl methacrylate, commonly known as acrylic, is a versatile thermoplastic renowned for its optical clarity, impact resistance, and weatherability. PMMA Scrap represents discarded or post-consumer acrylic materials that are collected for recycling. This waste material, instead of heading to landfills, becomes a valuable resource in the circular economy.


PMMA Scrap inherits the properties that make acrylic a sought-after material, including transparency, lightweight nature, and resilience. The scrap may originate from various sources, such as signage, displays, architectural applications, and consumer goods. The recycling process involves carefully segregating and processing the acrylic waste to retain its inherent qualities.

pmma acrilic scrap specifications
pmma acrilic scrap

Applications of Recycled PMMA:

Recycled PMMA derived from acrylic scrap finds applications across a diverse range of industries. From the production of new sheets and panels to the creation of molded products, the applications are expansive. The recycled material maintains its optical clarity and can be utilized in the manufacturing of various consumer goods, construction materials, and even artistic installations.


Full Product Data
Material100% virgin PMMA Acrylic Scrap
ColorTransparent or According to your request
Thickness3mm to 18mm, 2mm to 100mm
Diameter1000mm by 1000mm, 10mm to 1500mm
Temperature resistance (continuous)70℃
Temperature resistance (short time)90℃
Bending tensile stress125Mpa

Packaging PMMA Acrylic Scrap:

We load, pack and deliver most of our PMMA sheet based on clients requirements as
different clients have their own standards, Our PMMA Scrap is packed on pallets each block weighing
50kg to 100kg and loaded in 20 or 40 foot container