BOPP Film Roll Scrap

Finding a well experienced supplier of BOPP film roll scrap is not an easy task today, at Vitameta Limited, we endeavor to provide our customers with best quality since satisfaction is our main priority. We package, load and ship to several countries worldwide using reliable and fast shipping carriers. Competitive price for our BOPP scraps you will get no where else. Regarding quality, be assured to received the best not like other companies we allow clients to visit our yard and check their film roll scraps before loading and shipping. We make sure the film scrap is clean and free from other impurities. All this for our clients to get the best quality.

Film Roll Scrap Price:

Film roll scraps are sold depending on the supplier . We supply depending on client order so bulk orders will have a good discount price but expect a range from $300 – $400 per ton


Packaging and loading BOPP film roll scrap is done in several methods. Most clients always prefer when its compressed before loading in 20ft or 40ft because of its light weight so compressing will create more room for a good quantity to be loaded.


Shipping film scraps depend on the clients request and most importantly the destination port. We use Maersk which is the world best maritime shipping service to ship our clients orders . The bill of lading , certificate of origin , packing list ,SGS or bureau veritas inspection certification documents will be issued at the loading time.

What is BOPP Film Used For?

BOPP films are used in food packaging and are replacing cellophane in applications such as snack and tobacco packaging due to favorable properties and low cost .

what material is bopp?

BOPP is a popular label material made of plastic. It stands for Biaxially-Oriented (BO) Polypropylene (PP). Biaxially-oriented refers to the production process that stretches the film over two directions, making it stronger and more transparent.

BOPP Film Roll Scrap
BOPP Film Roll Scrap Packaging
BOPP Film Roll Scrap For Sale





200-2200 mm

Outside diameter

200-800 mm

Tensile strength (MD/TD)

122.7 / 274.6 Mpa

Elongation at break (MD/TD)

253.5 / 59.3%

Friction Coefficient




Gloss (45o)


Wetting Tension

≥38 mN/m

Thermal sealing strength

2.7/2.8  N/15mm