Buy EPS Block Scrap, EPS Lump Scrap, and Melted EPS

In the ever-evolving landscape of waste management and recycling, the spotlight is turning towards Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) as a valuable resource. EPS, commonly known as Styrofoam, has been a ubiquitous packaging material for decades. However, its lightweight and insulating properties come with environmental challenges. The solution? Efficient recycling processes that transform EPS into valuable resources like EPS Block Scrap, EPS Lump Scrap, and Melted EPS.

What Is EPS Block Scrap?
EPS Block Scrap represents a significant step towards sustainable waste management. This scrap is derived from discarded EPS blocks used in packaging and insulation. Recycling these blocks not only prevents them from occupying precious landfill space but also unlocks the potential for creating new products.

The Versatility of EPS Lump Scrap:
EPS Lump Scrap takes the recycling game a step further. It encompasses a range of EPS waste, including misshapen or damaged items. The recycling process involves breaking down these lumps into reusable EPS material. The versatility of EPS Lump Scrap opens doors to various applications, reducing the need for virgin EPS production.

Melted EPS: From Waste to Resource:
Melted EPS is the result of taking recycled EPS and transforming it into a liquid form. This innovative approach adds another layer to the recycling process. By melting EPS, it becomes easier to mold and shape, facilitating the creation of new products. From insulation materials to decorative items, melted EPS proves that waste can indeed be a valuable resource.

Applications of Recycled EPS:

  1. Insulation Materials: Melted EPS is widely used in the production of eco-friendly insulation materials for construction.
  2. Decorative Items: EPS Lump Scrap can be molded into various shapes for artistic and decorative purposes.
  3. Packaging Materials: Recycled EPS serves as an environmentally friendly alternative for packaging applications.


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What is EPS resin?
EXPANDABLE POLYSTYRENE (EPS) are produced in the form of very small beads. The beads contain a blowing agent which allows our customers to expand the resins and then mold various forms of insulation or packaging parts . GYC expandable polystyrene offers versatility of usefulness over a wide application range.

Is EPS fire resistant?
EPS is flammable, as is the case with so many other building materials. However, this is only relevant if you assess EPS as an exposed insulating material.