Aluminum Extrusion Scrap 6063 For Sale

Aluminum Extrusion Scrap 6063 takes center stage in the realm of recycling, offering a sustainable and resource-efficient solution for the aluminum industry. Buy Aluminum Scrap 6063, from its composition and recycling processes to applications.

What is Aluminum Extrusion Scrap 6063:
Aluminum Extrusion Scrap 6063 represents a specific grade of aluminum scrap sourced from extruded aluminum profiles. The alloy 6063, renowned for its favorable extrudability and formability, is widely used in architectural and construction applications. When these aluminum extrusions reach the end of their life cycle, they are recycled into valuable scrap, initiating a process that aligns with sustainability goals.

Recycling Process:
The journey of Aluminum Extrusion Scrap 6063 begins with collection and transportation to recycling facilities. At these facilities, the scrap undergoes a meticulous sorting process, where contaminants are removed to enhance the quality of the material. Subsequently, the extrusions are shredded or melted down, transforming them into raw aluminum ready for reuse in the manufacturing process

Aluminum Extrusion Scrap 6063
Aluminum Extrusion Scrap 6063
Aluminum Extrusion Scrap 6063 For Sale

We load, pack and deliver most of our Aluminum Extrusion Scrap 6063 based on clients requirements as different clients have their own standards, Our Aluminum Scrap is packed on pallets each block weighing 50kg to 100kg and loaded in container

Specifications of Aluminum scrap 6063
Si: 0.2-0.6% ,
Fe: 0.35% ,
Cu: 0.1% ,
Mn: 0.1%,
Mg: 0.45-0.9% ,
Cr: 0.1% ,
Zn: 0.1%

Applications of Aluminum Extrusion Scrap 6063:
The recycled aluminum derived from Extrusion Scrap 6063 finds applications across diverse industries. From the creation of new extruded profiles to the manufacturing of aluminum alloy ingots, the applications are expansive. The recycled material retains the inherent qualities of aluminum, including its lightweight nature, corrosion resistance, and high strength-to-weight ratio, making it an attractive choice for various end uses.