Drained Lead Acid Battery Scrap

Drained Lead Acid Battery Scrap

Drained Lead Acid Battery Scrap

We supply Drained Lead Acid Battery Scrap in bulk, with over 900 tons per month. Lead acid batteries are made up of plates, Lead, and Lead oxide with a 35% sulfuric acid and 65% water electrolyte solution. Lead acid batteries represent almost 60% of all batteries sold worldwide.

Our Lead Acid Battery Scrap shall consist of whole drained acid from the lead. It may contain plastic or rubber cases. Similar to ISRI code RAINS.
This is the most preferred type of raw material for Lead recycle /smelters or recycling/smelting Industries. Lead–acid batteries are a mature technology because they have existed since the late 19th century. They have a low cost for their high performance, they are easily recycled, and they are simple to charge

Lead acid battery specification

Drained Lead Car Battery Scraps (Rains)
Lead Battery Scrap (RAINS per ISRI Specifications).
Our Acid Battery Scrap on 99.99%.
Monthly Supply Capacity: 500 – 1500 metric tons,
Type: all kind of scrap batteries,
Fe Content: HMS
Fe Content (%): 100%)
Drained Battery Scrap: Black
Packaging Detail: Pallet with shrink wrapping

lead Battery price

The price depends on the individual supplier. The price varies between $250 and $500 per ton.

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