Cadmium Ingot For Sale

We offer high-density metallic Cadmium Ingots, an economical and versatile form widely applicable in various industries. Our standard ingot size measures approximately 2-3 cm x 3-8 cm x 6-12 cm. These Cadmium Ingots undergo advanced processes like crystallization, solid-state, and ultra-high purification methods, including sublimation.

What is Cadmium Ingot?

A Cadmium Ingot is a solid and compact mass of cadmium metal that has been shaped into a specific form for ease of handling, transport, and further processing. Cadmium is a metallic element with symbol Cd and atomic number 48. It is a soft, bluish-white metal that is often used in various industrial applications. The ingot form allows for the efficient storage and distribution of cadmium.

Cadmium ingots are typically produced through processes such as crystallization, solid-state transformation, and ultra-high purification methods, including sublimation. These processes ensure that the ingots meet specific purity and quality standards, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.

Buy Cadmium Ingot Online

Specializing in tailored compositions for both commercial and research purposes, we cater to diverse applications and emerging proprietary technologies. Our expertise extends to providing and casting rare earth metals and various advanced materials into forms like rods, bars, plates, and custom machined shapes. Additionally, we offer alternative processing methods, including nanoparticles, solutions, and organometallics. For more specific requirements, we also supply smaller ranges such as pieces and shots.

To ensure quality, our products undergo thorough testing to maintain precise levels of Cadmium and Zinc, as well as to monitor other impurities. Our Cadmium offerings extend beyond ingots to include rods, pellets, powder, pieces, discs, granules, wires, and compound forms like oxides. Custom shapes are available upon request, providing a comprehensive range of solutions to meet diverse industrial needs.

Cadmium ingot

Cadmium Ingot Specifications 

  • Molecular Weight 112.41
  • Appearance Silvery bluish-gray solid
  • Melting Point 321 °C
  • Boiling Point 767 °C
  • Density 8.65 g/cm3
  • Solubility in H2O N/A
  • Electrical Resistivity 7.27 μΩ-cm (22 °C)
  • Electron-egativity 1.69 Pauling’s
  • Heat of Fusion 6.21 kJ/mol
  • Heat of Vaporization 99.87 kJ/mol
  • Poissons Ratio 0.30
  • Specific Heat 0.231 kJ/kg•°K (25 °C)
  • Thermal-Conductivity 96.6 W/(m•K)
  • Thermal Expansion 30.8 µm/(m•K) (25 °C)
  • Youngs Modulus 50 GPa