Crushed Glass Bottle Scrap For Sale

Buy Crushed glass bottle scrap from vitameta company with bulk supply quantity to different locations around the globe. We can also sort and supply customized clients requirements like color and crushed size.

What is Crushed Glass Bottle Scrap?

Crushed glass bottle scrap is derived from the recycling of glass bottles, an environmentally conscious process that repurposes glass waste into valuable raw material. This recycled material undergoes crushing and processing, resulting in small, uniform particles known as crushed glass cullet. The versatile applications of glass cullet scrap span various industries, each harnessing its unique attributes to drive sustainability and efficiency.


  1. Construction and Infrastructure:

    • Crushed bottle scrap finds application in the construction sector, where it can be used as a substitute for traditional construction materials. Incorporating crushed glass into concrete mixtures enhances strength and durability while reducing the environmental impact of traditional aggregates.
  2. Decorative Landscaping:

    • Landscaping and decorative applications benefit from the aesthetic appeal of crushed glass. As a vibrant and eco-friendly alternative to gravel or mulch, crushed glass adds a touch of elegance to gardens, pathways, and outdoor spaces.
  3. Blast Media in Industrial Cleaning:

    • Crushed glass cullet serves as an effective abrasive material for industrial cleaning and sandblasting applications. Its hardness and angularity make it an ideal choice for removing coatings, corrosion, and contaminants from surfaces.
  4. Glass Manufacturing:

    • The glass bottle scrap can be reintroduced into the glass manufacturing process, reducing the need for virgin raw materials. This closed-loop system not only conserves resources but also minimizes energy consumption in glass production.
  5. Water Filtration Systems:

    • Crushed glass acts as a filtering medium in water treatment systems. Its porous nature allows it to trap impurities, providing an eco-friendly solution for water purification and filtration.
  6. Artistic and Decorative Applications:

    • The creative industry benefits from the use of crushed glass in artistic endeavors. From mosaic artwork to custom countertops, crushed glass adds a unique texture and visual appeal to various creative projects.
Crushed Glass Bottle scrap For Sale
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We load, pack and deliver most of our crushed glass bottle scraps based on clients requirements as different clients have their own standards, Our glass scraps is packed on pallets of 250kg.

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