Aluminum PURJA Scrap For Sale

At Vitameta we supply best grade Aluminum PURJA Scrap suitable for your recycling needs. You benefit a lot if you buy PURJA scrap from us as we offer best price and bulk quantity available for regular shipping on demand.

What Is Aluminum PURJA Scrap?

Aluminum PURJA Scrap refers to discarded or unused aluminum materials, often derived from the manufacturing processes of various industries. PURJA, short for “Purity, Unity, Recycling, Justice, and Affection,” represents a commitment to responsible and sustainable practices in the aluminum industry. This scrap material can include leftover aluminum sheets, profiles, or components that haven’t been utilized in the production cycle.

Properties of Aluminum PURJA Scrap:

High Purity Aluminum: PURJA Scrap often consists of high-purity aluminum, making it a valuable resource for recycling. High-purity aluminum is known for its excellent recyclability and minimal loss of quality during the recycling process.

Versatility: Aluminum Scrap can be sourced from various industries, including construction, automotive, aerospace, and packaging. Its versatility allows it to encompass a wide range of aluminum products, each contributing to the diversity of the scrap material.

Lightweight and Durable: As with all aluminums, PURJA Scrap retains the lightweight and durable characteristics that make aluminum a popular choice in various applications. This ensures that recycled aluminum maintains its strength and functionality.

Aluminum PURJA Scrap
What is Aluminum PURJA Scrap
Aluminum PURJA Scrap for sale

Product Specification

Boiling Point2470 Degree Celsius
Melting Point660.3 Degree Celsius
MOQ10 Tons


Loading and Shipping

PURGA Scrap is loading directly in 20ft or 40ft container or first packed on pallets before loading in container but it will be on the client to decide