AC Fridge Compressor Scrap For Sale

Buy AC fridge compressor scrap, exploring its composition, recycling process. In the vast realm of recycling and scrap metal trading, AC fridge compressor scrap emerges as a valuable and sought-after commodity. 

What is AC Fridge Compressor Scrap?
It primarily consists of compressors extracted from refrigeration and air conditioning units. These compressors play a pivotal role in these appliances, providing the mechanical force needed to maintain the desired temperature. As these units reach the end of their life cycle or undergo upgrades, the compressors are salvaged for their metal content.

Drained A/C & Fridge Compressor Scrap
Compressor Weight : 2kg, 4kg, 6kg, 8kg, 10kg, and 12kg
More Details : 220-240 v 50 or 60 hz.
Cooling capacity : 90-190 w displ
Size : 5.99 -12.53 cm3

Composition of AC Fridge Compressor Scrap: The composition of AC compressor scrap is predominantly metallic, with the key components being copper, aluminum, and various steel alloys. Copper coils are commonly found within compressors, and their presence contributes to the scrap’s overall value. The outer casing of the compressors often contains aluminum, while steel elements provide structural integrity.

Recycling Process: The recycling journey of fridge compressor scrap begins with the careful extraction of valuable materials. Recycling facilities employ specialized equipment to dismantle compressors and separate different metals. The extracted metals undergo further processing, including cleaning, melting, and refining. This meticulous process ensures the isolation of high-quality copper, aluminum, and steel, ready to be reintroduced into the production cycle.

Ac Fridge Compressor Scrap for sale
Ac Fridge Compressor Scrap
Ac Fridge Compressor Scrap packaging

Packaging Compressor Scrap

At Vitameta Ltd, we load, pack and deliver most of our scraps based on clients requirements as different clients have their own standards, Our AC & fridge compressor scrap is either packed on pallets and loading in container or directly put without pallets.

Market Dynamics: The market for AC & fridge compressor scrap is influenced by various factors, including global metal prices, demand for recycled materials, and environmental regulations. Copper, being a non-ferrous metal with excellent conductivity, commands a higher market value. Aluminum, known for its lightweight and corrosion resistance, also contributes to the scrap’s overall worth. As sustainability gains prominence, the demand for recycled metals continues to grow, impacting the market dynamics of A/C and fridge compressor scrap.

Environmental Impact: Recycling AC & fridge compressor scrap is a sustainable practice with positive environmental implications. By diverting these materials from landfills, the recycling process reduces the need for mining and extraction of raw metals. This not only conserves natural resources but also minimizes energy consumption associated with traditional metal production. Furthermore, recycling helps in lowering carbon emissions, contributing to a greener and more eco-friendly approach to metal procurement.

Buy AC Fridge compressor scrap: For businesses engaged in the scrap metal trade or recycling industry, fridge compressor scrap presents an opportunity for investment in both economic and environmental terms. By recognizing the value of these discarded compressors and incorporating them into the supply chain, companies contribute to resource conservation and economic efficiency.

To Sum up, AC fridge compressor scrap stands as a valuable resource within the recycling landscape. Its composition of copper, aluminum, and steel, coupled with a well-established recycling process, positions it as a key player in the circular economy. As industries and consumers alike prioritize sustainability, the market for A/C and fridge compressor scrap is poised for continued growth, shaping a future where recycling is not just a choice but a necessity.