leaf spring scrap

leaf spring scrap

We supply leaf spring scrap in bulk , with a supply capacity of 9000 tons. Fast loading and shipping to several ports worldwide. Leaf spring scrap is mostly removed from all types of vehicles after being confirmed weak and not more fit to continue in the vehicle, they are then replaced with a new one. They come in different sizes and types depending on the vehicle , example below.

To begin with, A leaf spring is a simple form of spring which is commonly used for the suspension in wheeled vehicles. Originally called a laminated or carriage spring, and sometimes referred to as a semi-elliptical spring, elliptical spring, or cart spring, it is one of the oldest forms of vehicle suspension. A leaf spring is one or more narrow, arc-shaped, thin plates which are attached to the axle and chassis in a way that allows the leaf spring to flex vertically in response to irregularities in the road surface.

Double eye spring
Number of leaf springsWidthMonolithic thicknessLeaf spring eye distanceInstallation distanceA pair of loads
3 pieces45mm8mm711mm735mm850kg
5 pieces45mm8mm711mm735mm1300kg
6 pieces45mm8mm711mm735mm1500kg
8 pieces45mm8mm711mm735mm2000kg

Spring scrap Size Table

leaf spring diagram

Leaf Spring scrap price

The price per ton actually depends from the country where you are buying from because some have high availability making it a little bit cheaper. The price varies from $200 – $400 per ton.

Some Pictures of leaf spring scrap

leaf spring scrap
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