catalytic converter scrap price

catalytic converter scrap price

With several suppliers available , every supply will give their own price depending on the country where they are from or the car make or brand. Catalytic converters scraps could be sold at $100 to $300 each. Always contact several suppliers to get the best price that suits you. Many people now buy used catalytic converters for several purposes

Used Catalytic Converter Scraps

Exhaust Catalytic Converter are sold to be reused or for scrapping purpose. It has become widely bought because of the precious metals found in it . The rate of catalytic converter theft has risen in just a short period of time because of the high demand.


What is the scrap value of a catalytic converter?

The value of catalytic converter actually depends on the country where its coming from and the car brand. It can range from $100 to $300. always contact several suppliers to get the best offer.

Is a used catalytic converter worth anything?

Your old catalytic converters is worth money. Yes, they are! Indeed, they contain some precious metals that are rare and valuable. Thus, consider recycling them instead of throwing them away.

How Much Do Thieves Get For a Stolen Catalytic Converter?

A stolen catalytic converter scrap can generate $100 to $300. As a scrap dealer we receive scrap catalytic converters from several locations and different car brands.

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